foodsbeforedudes 2: revenge of the food blog

so……….we’re back????

and better than ever or whatever. we’ve truly left the realm of “oh my god i’m so overwhelmed by the number of mostly-vegetarian mostly-gluten-free food blogs out there with recipes for tofu stir-fry” and hopefully entered…something just a little bit different. it’s going to be an interesting ride but i hope you will come along because we have lots of great-tasting and not-that-bad-looking-either content planned that i am pretty dang excited about, and i hope you are too!!!

about a year and half ago, i started using blender, an open-source program to learn digital 3d modeling. as you do. it was and still is a hobby but obviously the natural progression was to go from following along to youtube tutorials with varying degrees of success to uh…combining this hobby with blogging about food???

so here we are. tell all ur friends about this crazy new food blog where they didn’t have the budget for photography so they had to resort to CGI. i keep telling people that this is either gonna be a Wild New Thing that people will flock to by the billions to see cute illustrations of vegetables and dogs, (and hopefully cook some of our recipes or something?) or it will be so out-there that no one will have any interest in it but at least i’ll be spending my free time doing literally everything i love so, you know, it’s whatever. either way, stay tuned for some stuff and some things coming soon to a food blog near you.



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