meet the girls

kara | recipe developer, writer, graphics

i’m kara and after two years of talking about it to anyone who would listen (i.e. mostly myself) i finally got it together and just started this thing already. i’m a twenty-something-year-old and i like food, words, and probably other things so, you know, this happened. describing yourself is hard. i’m just a humble stay-at-home dog mom, ok?

favorite foods include: eggs, spinach, fried rice, orange juice, ramen (the real stuff), strawberries, mac and cheese, broccoli, bagels, pie, couscous, pad thai, curry

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alisha | recipe developer, writer

I’m Alisha, and once upon a time I wanted to spend my 20s working on a doctorate in Victorian literature. Now I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but I spend a lot of time cooking, talking to my cat, watching British murder mysteries, and hand-binding books with the hope that I can make money off of them someday. I like a strong gin cocktail (but only one because my party days are l o n g over- did I mention I’m 23?), writing creative nonfiction, and home decor shopping. I get very excited about vegetables.

Favorite foods include: soup, eggs, kimchi, blueberries, kale (yes, really), pie, fried rice, gruyere, curry, brocollini, sweet potatoes

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