together we’ll ring in the new year

having spoken about this a bit last year, i’m not tryna sound like a broken record or an obsolete iphone model or anything, but new year’s and all of it’s resolution-making is kind of whatever, you know? i remember some wise words on probably-a-facebook-post this time last year about someone’s dislike of the almost ritualistic starting of clean slates as soon as midnight strikes, because this person chose to, instead, put their energy into continued momentum on projects that they’ve already begun.

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little luxuries + pan-fried gnocchi with brown butter and a strawberry balsamic reduction


whether you just scored that promotion and are consequently lookin for a way to treat yourself to something you deserve, or you’ve just been through a simultaneous breakup/mental health spiral/hurricane and are…lookin for a way to treat yourself to something you deserve, here are a few simple ways to add a little something extra to your day!

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mom’s old fashioned curry veggie pie

curry veggie pie

and speaking of moms, i recently rewatched julie and julia which is the cutest lil movie and there’s a part where she’s excited about receiving her very first comment on her blog, and then it’s from her mom. that’s where i’m at right now but honestly, what’s better than a mom?? this blog might not have more than three followers at the moment but 100% of the comments it has received have the words “i love you” in them and that’s how you know you’ve really succeeded. right?

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“haven’t-you-people-ever-heard-of-closing-the-goddamn-door” chunky curried carrot soup

carrot soup

i’m just going to take this time to admit that there are a lot of things i don’t understand. probably not a good way to start the first post of this Real Person Food Blog, but I already managed to
weirdly reference
a song that probably anyone outside of the i-was-14-in the-year-2005 age range doesn’t understand, so i’m making up for it.

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